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Position of Oulu Map of Oulu
Position and map of Oulu (Swedish Uleåborg). external linkwww.oulu.fi
Position of Pudasjarvi Map of Pudasjarvi
Position and map of Pudasjärvi. external linkwww.pudasjarvi.fi
Position of Taivalkoski Map of Taivalkoski
Position and map of Taivalkoski. external linkwww.taivalkoski.fi "Tailvalkoski" means "journey rapids". According to my information Taivalkoski was a part of Pudasjärvi until about 1850 when it became its own parish.
Position of Utajarvi Map of Utajarvi
Position and map of Utajärvi. external linkwww.utajarvi.fi

All maps adapted from external linkGenealogical Society of Finland.

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